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MACS: A new approach to multi-asset coin selection
Manvir Schneider • 2024-05-23
Explore a new multi-asset coin selection (MACS) approach for UTxO-based blockchains, optimizing transaction fees, speed, privacy, and user experience.
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Cardano Foundation Names Giorgio Zinetti as Chief Technology Officer
Renagh Mooney • 2024-05-08
Giorgio Zinetti will play a key role in scaling the growing pipeline of Cardano Foundation projects and products, plus maximize the open source model.
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Cardano Foundation Partners with Dubai Blockchain Center
Renagh Mooney • 2024-05-02
The Cardano Foundation and Dubai Blockchain Center launched a specialized blockchain education initiative. Attend the sessions and become an expert.
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Challenging the BIS’ conclusions on permissionless systems
Benjamin Bürgi • 2024-04-30
The Cardano Foundation responded to the BIS’ public consultation on their recently amended standards for crypto assets.
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A Spotlight on Stake Pools: ZW3RK
Denicio Bute • 2024-04-25
Dive into the work of the ZW3RK stake pool and how it is expanding the deployment possibilities of Haskell software.
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Cardano Foundation, Blink Labs, dcSpark, Sundae Labs, and TxPipe Launch Open Source Association
Renagh Mooney • 2024-04-22
PRAGMA will focus on blockchain software projects, as well as fostering an open-source ecosystem for Cardano.
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Infrastructure Survey 2024
Markus Gufler • 2024-04-17
The Infrastructure Survey 2024 was recently conducted to better understand the unique needs and challenges of Cardano stake pool operators (SPOs).
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Driving Blockchain Technology: Cardano Foundation’s Activities Part 9
Renagh Mooney • 2024-03-25
Explore the potential of blockchain through the Cardano Foundation's adoption initiatives. Delve into the real world applications of decentralized tech driving global impact.
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A Spotlight on Stake Pools: ABLE
Denicio Bute • 2024-03-15
Discover the pivotal role of stake pool operators in the Cardano ecosystem with our latest Spotlight on ABLE pool. Dive into their story now.
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Cardano Foundation Activity Report: a message from the CEO
Frederik Gregaard • 2024-03-12
CEO's insight: Reflecting on Cardano Foundation's 2023 advancements—strengthening infrastructure, fostering education, and broadening blockchain use.
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Cardano Summit 2024 Main Stage Location Announced
Renagh Mooney • 2024-03-08
Cardano Foundation announces Dubai as the venue for the 2024 Summit, 23-24 October - a testament to the city's influential role in blockchain.
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Driving Blockchain Technology: Cardano Foundation’s Activities Part 8
Renagh Mooney • 2024-02-15
Discover the potential of blockchain with the Cardano Foundation's educational initiatives. Dive into decentralized tech for global impact and empowerment.
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Cardano Foundation and Switzerland for UNHCR Recognized for Philanthropy Innovation
Alex Maaza • 2024-02-06
Discover how the Cardano Foundation & Switzerland for UNHCR pioneer sustainable innovation in philanthropy with impact staking on blockchain.
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Driving Blockchain Technology: Cardano Foundation’s Activities Part 7
Renagh Mooney • 2024-02-02
Dive into our journey to strengthen Cardano's operational resilience. Explore stake pool operator (SPO) stories, insights, and participation initiatives.
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Cardano Foundation Launches 2023 Activity Report
Renagh Mooney • 2024-02-01
Explore Cardano Foundation's 2023 Activity Report, unveiling strides we've made in advancing Cardano as a public digital utility.
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A Spotlight on Stake Pools: AHLNET
Denicio Bute • 2024-01-22
Sweden-based Ola Ahlman, founder of the AHLNET stake pool, explains why he became a stake pool operator and the mission of the stake pool.
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Driving Blockchain Technology: Cardano Foundation’s activities part 6
David Taylor • 2023-12-21
Explore Cardano's adoption success stories, including impactful humanitarian efforts and pioneering sports and merchandise blockchain applications
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Cardano Foundation Announces Education Partnership with Petrobras
Renagh Mooney • 2023-12-20
In partnership with Petrobras, Brazil’s state-owned energy company, the Cardano Foundation will lead blockchain education workshops for Petrobras employees.
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Cardano Foundation 2023 Products to Advance Blockchain
Alex Apeldoorn • 2023-12-14
The Foundation has released a suite of tools that improve the building experience on Cardano, including Ledger Sync and the Identity Wallet.
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Driving Blockchain Technology: Cardano Foundation’s activities part 5
David Taylor • 2023-12-13
Discover how the Cardano Foundation's commitment to education drives blockchain adoption, from regulatory advocacy to community engagement.