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News and Opinion 25 September 2021

Billy Gibbons to Launch NFT Collection on Cardano

Cardano Foundation today announces a Cardano-based NFT auction with rock n’ roll icon Billy F Gibbons of ZZ Top. The auction, which will sell NFTs of digital music in a 30-second original jam session by Billy Gibbons, and a Golden Ticket for a 20 minute 1:1 with Billy Gibbons, will start on September 25 and finish on September 26, in-line with the Cardano Summit event.

News and Opinion 25 September 2021

How Green can the Cardano community make Cardano's blockchain?

The Cardano Foundation is going beyond this by leveraging the expertise of the Climate Neutral Cardano group of stake pools in designing an exclusive partnership with Veritree to restore our planet through reforestation records that are transparent, immutable and auditable by all.

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