Cardano Community

Cardano's vibrant ecosystem comprises a varied range of groups making key contributions to the diversity and vitality of on-chain activities.

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Community Team

The Cardano Foundation Community Team maintains crucial relationships with the overarching Cardano community and its various groups, establishing dialogue and connecting them with the Foundation’s different teams.

From the Ambassador Program to stake pool operators, the Team works alongside the Cardano community across a wide range of mediums, assisting with guidance and pertinent knowledge they can use to educate their respective communities.

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The importance of the community

Community is the lifeblood of the Cardano ecosystem. At the Cardano Foundation, we know they are essential for the future success of the network.

A dynamic community breathes life into a project and allows it to thrive. It not just creates a sense of belonging but maintains progress. The growth of the Cardano community and its multiple contributions guarantee the Cardano project stays agile and continues to move forward.

Distribution of Power
Network Resilience
Community Engagement
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Who is the Cardano community

Stake pool operators, programmers, businesses, entrepreneurs, activists, artists – the Cardano ecosystem bursts with activity.

Ranging from technical to world problems, the community tackles numerous challenges, expanding Cardano’s capabilities and developing alternative solutions.

Be part of the Cardano community

Cardano Forum
Cardano Forum
Dive into lively discussions with prominent community members and keep up to date with the latest from the Cardano ecosystem.
Developer Portal
Developer Portal
Explore an array of technical resources designed to empower creativity and bolster projects to thrive on the Cardano platform.
Community Digest
Community Digest
Keep up-to-date on the latest news and movements within the Cardano ecosystem with this biweekly newsletter.
Join local meetups to make connections, deepen relationships, and draw inspiration through the exchange of innovative ideas.
Social Channels
Social Channels
See the latest news, glimpse into the ecosystem, and interact online with other Cardano and blockchain enthusiasts.
Cardano Store
Cardano Store
Connect with the community in style with Cardano branded merchandise. Discover innovative products that leverage the power of blockchain.
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Get started

Become an active member of the community

Dive into a variety of topics and actively participate in the ecosystem. The Cardano Forum provides easy guides to take the first steps into joining the Ambassador Program, becoming a stake pool operator, or organizing a meetup.

Forum posts
Cardano Ambassador Program
A Guide to Becoming a Stake Pool Operator
Cardano Community Meetup Guidelines
What we do for the community

Empowering the community of today and tomorrow

The Cardano Foundation works to assist, bolster, and embolden the Cardano community.

Enabling innovation
Enabling innovation
The Community Team facilitates onboarding onto Cardano and helps technical professionals or enthusiasts via the Developer Portal. Open source tools, built or sponsored by the Foundation, also provide developers with even more resources they can repurpose to accelerate prototype development or improve their own projects.
Strenghtening ties
Strenghtening ties
To hear from different voices, the Community Team promotes in-person get-togethers and establishes multiple communication channels. Anyone in, or considering joining the Cardano ecosystem is welcome to add their collaborations and share their experiences. This feedback will help to shape the future of Cardano, contributing to sound and representative governance.
Community projects and resources

Embark on a riveting journey alongside the Cardano community, where innovation and collaboration converge to build the future.

Join a dynamic network of visionaries united to redefine possibilities and solve world problems.

Meet the team

Meet the Community Team

Tommy Kammerer
Community Team Director
Nicolas Cerny
Governance Lead
Markus Gufler
Technical Community Lead
Georg Wellschmied
Community Manager
Denicio Bute
Community Content Lead
Pierre Kaklamanos
Ecosystem Development Manager
Alexandre Maaza
Sustainability Lead