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Mobile Digital Identity Wallet
A wallet to protect and empower digital identity
Mobile Digital Identity Wallet

Agnostic identity solution, suitable for blockchain and cloud-based architecture. Using open-source technology and prepared to leverage KERI’s decentralized and scalable identity management infrastructure, the Identity Wallet is designed not only for security but also ease of integration, streamlined development, and customization.

  • Support for Android and iOS
  • Interoperable to meet new and existing standards
  • Enhanced private key security
  • Encrypted and tamper-evident communications
  • Open-source to empower developers
Cardano Wallet
Software component for ada wallets
Cardano Wallet

Provides an HTTP application programming interface (API) and command-line interface (CLI) to manage your ada, or Cardano’s native assets. Makes sending and receiving payments seamless on the Cardano blockchain, as well as a component to create your own frontend ada wallet.

Cardano wallet is a high-assurance wallet sdk streamlining the management of ada and other native Cardano assets. It offers a well-documented API and CLI for applications with higher security and performance requirements.

  • High assurance
  • Used in large enterprise setting
  • Battle-tested
  • First wallet on Cardano
Cardano Explorer
Bridging compliance and innovation
Cardano Explorer

Publicly available explorer focused on the needs of supervisory entities, institutions, and service providers. Offers comprehensive and transparent ways to verify on-chain transactions, displaying accessible high-level key takeaways as well as detailed insights with guided walkthroughs explaining how Cardano’s public infrastructure works.

Run bespoke solutions. Create better templates for presenting information. Quickly navigate the Cardano infrastructure and see how millions interact to exchange and verify data.

  • From basics to expertise
  • Holistic concept
  • Improved standards
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Open source
Cardano Ballot
Open-sourcing decentralized democracy for all
Cardano Ballot

Designed as a publicly auditable voting mechanism, the Cardano Ballot has already ensured the Cardano community raises their voice and shares in important decisions. Featuring independent backend services and bespoke user interfaces, the Ballot assists organizations increase confidence in ballot issuance, processing, and vote tallying procedures.

Voting can happen on-chain, off-chain, or through our scalability solution Hydra. Voters have the option to choose between several authentication methods that guarantee the voting process remains fair and equitable. The unique cryptographic signature on the vote makes it easy to verify and validate the honesty of the voting outcomes through smart contracts.

  • Verifiable voting
  • Flexible voter criteria
  • Open source
  • Easy to deploy