Cardano Governance

Join the decision-making process and help shape the network. Have a voice in guiding the applications and services emerging on the Cardano ecosystem.

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Cardano's governance model

Cardano embodies a truly democratic governance model that thrives on the strength of its community.

Individuals are not only encouraged but incentivized to actively participate in the governance pipeline.

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Community members vote on network changes, contribute to the Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs) program, and even apply for funding through Project Catalyst.

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Anyone can participate in discussions about Cardano’s constitution or the role of delegated representatives and the Parameter Committee, among many other topics.

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Cardano Foundation’s Governance Support

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Cardano Community
From developers to entrepreneurs, the Cardano community brings together changemakers and innovators from all walks of life to solve world problems.
Cardano Improvement Proposals
A formalized design document describing with sufficient technical detail already implemented or proposed processes and changes.