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Pascal Schmid resigns from the Cardano Foundation Council

Bakyt AzimkanovGlobal PR and Communications Director

ZUG, 19 July 2019. Pascal Schmid has resigned from the Cardano Foundation Council at his own will – effective immediately. He joined the Council in June 2018 as its Member, a position he held for a year until his resignation.

The new Cardano Foundation Council Members – Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson; Manmeet Singh, Vice Chairperson; and Domino Burki, Treasurer – to continue to finalize the outstanding filings for 2018 and to further cement the Foundation’s goals and its stability going forward.

Under the above-named Council Members, the Cardano Foundation has already expanded its team in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and has strengthened its operational, administrative, legal, communications and community functions by bringing new talent in key departments, and continues to do so. In the near future, the Council Members – in line with the Foundation’s worldwide expansion plans – set to grow the team with more hires across the globe.

As a result, the Cardano Foundation has increased its presence across Asia-Pacific and Europe and became a member of leading industry bodies. In 2019 alone, the Foundation hired nine people bringing the total number of women to a third (33%) – in line with the Foundation’s gender diversity goals.

About the Cardano Foundation: The Cardano Foundation is an independent Swiss standards body that oversees and supervises the advancement of Cardano and its ecosystem. The Foundation’s core focus is in developing a Cardano adoption strategy through to integration and execution, to enable fast-track value creation for inclusive and equitable growth. As the legal custodian of the protocol and the owner of the Cardano brand, the Foundation works to drive adoption and partnerships, grow the wider blockchain community, shape legislation, and commercial standards, and ensure stakeholder accountability. Find out more: