September 10, 2018

Meeting up - how getting people together grows the global Cardano community

Jon Moss

Marketing Consultant

Cardano Foundation

There have been many definitions of communities over the years, often focused on people being located in the same place. However, with the creation and development of that wonderful thing, the internet, this changes slightly!

Fabian Pfortmüller over on this Medium article suggests this:

Community is a group of people that care about each other and feel they belong together.


The internet allows this sense of belonging from any location.

From forums, to social media and webcasts, we endeavour to bring the global Cardano community together. However, meeting people face to face is still something we love.

Meetups (or community events) are one of the best ways to connect with people and have long been an established way to grow communities.

The word meetup was coined by the software service company Meetup who have made a very successful business out of providing a platform for people to launch and run community events.

We established our first meetup group in December of last year and we now have over 2000 members in this group: Cardano Blockchain London.

Since then, we have grown to over 33 groups across 25 countries under our Meetup Pro account - you can see the locations by clicking here.

Why hold meetups?

Meetups can do many things - at a very basic level, they bring people together to discuss a common interest. But they do so much more than connecting like-minded individuals, they can help share knowledge, foster a sense of belonging, and create lasting personal and business relationships.

One of Cardano Foundation’s key areas of focus is growing the Cardano community and we think one of the very best ways we can do this is encouraging as many meetups as possible.

Why is this?

First of all, it allows you, the Cardano community, to meetup, discuss, learn and socialise.

  • Allow people to feel personally connected to Cardano
  • Educate people on blockchain and why Cardano is different
  • Allow developers to learn more about Cardano and encourage them to start building
  • It allows the Foundation’s key objectives to be more widely known and understood

What makes a meetup successful?

Meetups do require a level of organisation before, during and after the actual event. The key considerations are:

  • What are the objectives of the meetup?
  • How is the meetup communicated?
  • To whom and when?
  • Is the venue appropriate? (size and location)
  • Is the suggested content / speaker or speakers appropriate to the audience? What is the audience?
  • Is their space or plans for drinks and food? (very important)
  • Location signs to ensure people can find it :)

We’ve had some wonderful stories from people all over the world. One of our favourites is from Nigeria…

Joshua Akpan: A cryptocurrency and blockchain tech enthusiast/realtor. The facilitator of a Crypto community in Port Harcourt. A growing crypto-community of over 40 people.

port harcourt
port harcourt

Joshua tells us a little about what he is doing…

Our community comprises of individuals who are mostly interested in cryptocurrency and also developers with common interest of promoting the use of cryptocurrencies in our region and ultimately Africa at large.

We are generally fascinated by blockchain technology and also online marketing opportunities, we believe that the blockchain tech is a key element in building out a core feature of the digital economy’s infrastructure in Africa. Our meetup group consists of individuals who are interested in cryptocurrencies, other crypto assets, or related technologies such as blockchain and also aspiring digital marketers.

If you are interested in running your own meetup group, then a great place to start is here.

We are also introducing a new Ambassador Programme and a meetup organiser is one of the roles we would like to encourage! We will be announcing details shortly…

We look forward to seeing our ever-growing network of Cardano community members continue to spread across the globe!

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Artwork: Ian Schneider