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Cardano Foundation mints world's first NFTA

Sidney VollmerHead of Brand & Communications

The Cardano Foundation is proud to announce the launch of the Cardano Developer Portal. A one stop library featuring over fifty articles on launch, vetted by developers from the community.

“After months of writing, polishing and checking, we are confident the portal now has a very solid basis, covering everything currently possible on the Cardano mainnet. Whether you want to implement transaction metadata, mint native tokens, integrate Cardano, operate a stake pool or get your project funded: there is something for pretty much everyone. All this, right before the Alonzo hard fork which will bring smart contract capabilities. So yes, I am super excited,” says Tommy Kammerer, Developer Community Lead.   

To celebrate the launch, The Cardano Foundation has minted the world’s first NFTAs: ten Non-Fungible Tokens of Appreciation minted on the Cardano blockchain. 

“Both the scope of topics covered in the Portal and the way that we are promoting them with these NFTAs show the amazing possibilities Cardano offers. It is something lots of people still need to get accustomed to. With the help of our community, they will,” says Sidney Vollmer, head of Brand and Communications at the Cardano Foundation.

Each of the NFTAs is based on a thumbs-up photo of a Cardano community member approving the Portal. These are used as campaign visuals to promote the portal – while ownership of these campaign assets remains with the community members. Scanning the QR code on these NFTAs leads one to the Cardano blockchain explorer, where the ownership of the NFTA can be verified.\ \ What sets these NFTs apart even further is that each NFTA is accompanied by a token representing a non-transferable, one time opportunity for a receiver of that NFTA to highlight a topic or project of their choosing on the Cardano Developer portal. 

While the Developer Portal is a great repository on everything currently possible on the mainnet, we acknowledge it is also a basis to further build on. That is why we are looking forward to constructive criticisms, possible thumbs-ups but above all solid contributions from Cardano developers, stake pool operators, ambassadors and newbies across the world.

Check out all NFTAs here:

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