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Cardano Foundation facilitates launch of Etter Edition 01

Renagh MooneyGlobal Communications Director

Zurich, 7th October 2022 – The Cardano Foundation facilitated the launch of Etter Edition 01—a hybrid physical and NFT generative art project—which was co-created by Christian Etter and Alexander E. Brunner. The Etter Edition 01 NFTs, minted by Swiss based Web3 infrastructure provider NMKR, are redeemable as physical pieces of art on the Cardano blockchain.

Christian Etter, an internationally-recognized artist and designer, said, "This limited series of artwork shows the enormous benefits that decentralization can bring to the creative world. Through this project I’ve become truly awed by how art can be revolutionized and enhanced through technology. After many months of studying, prototyping, and developing new algorithms and hardware for this project, my eyes are truly open to the possibilities."

The physical rendition of Etter Edition 01 will display the same generative motion graphics as the digital NFT equivalent on the Cardano blockchain. The project showcases the capabilities of Cardano to facilitate the creation of NFTs with advanced metadata features. In addition, any currency can be used to pay for the NFT, highlighting the impressive interoperability capabilities provided by the Cardano ecosystem.

Inside the artpiece, a decentralized algorithm changes the painting infinitely over time, uniting the distinct qualities of the physical and the digital realm. This groundbreaking use of the Cardano blockchain will provide the buyer with the certainty of owning the authentic and unaltered algorithm, making the code an integral part of the artwork.

Christian Etter’s studio works at the cross-section of technology and art, creating human-centered experiences for users and brands with household names such as Hermés, Google, Tommy Hilfiger, and IBM.

Kristian Portz, COO of NMKR, said, “We are delighted to play a part in the Etter Edition 01 project. By creating a seed token for the activation of the algorithm during the minting of the NFT, this project is a wonderful merge of what’s possible regarding the creativity and utility of NFTs on the Cardano blockchain.”

Alexander Brunner, co-creator as well as a former Member of Parliament of the City of Zurich and advisor to the Swiss Government about blockchain and digital assets, said, "Etter Edition 01 project showcases the wide range of projects utilizing blockchain stemming from the Swiss Crypto Valley. It is particularly pleasing to see a Zurich local, Christian, demonstrate the enormous potential of the technology through this project and capture the imagination of the public while doing so, which will no doubt inspire others to participate and even lead in this growing ecosystem."

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of Cardano Foundation, concluded, “The launch of the Etter Edition 01 project on the Cardano Blockchain demonstrates the enormous potential of the Cardano blockchain. This project also highlights Cardano Foundation’s focus to facilitate innovation and solve real-world problems across global industries through our leading interoperability and development capacity.”