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Cardano Foundation announces new Board and welcomes two members

Sidney VollmerHead of Brand & Communications

ZUG, 8 SEPTEMBER 2021 -  Today, the Cardano Foundation, the non-profit organization and custodian of the Cardano blockchain, announced the election of two new Board members: Mary Beth Buchanan and Andreas Eschbach. 

As part of the evolution of the Council, its previous members, Nicolás Arqueros, Domino Burki, Tamara Haasen, Nathan Kaiser and Manmeet Singh, took the decision to recruit the most suitable new members to pass on their mandate and initiate a new era for the Cardano Foundation’s strategic oversight and growth unveiled in July 2021. The first step of this gradual transformation took place with the election of Jillian MacNab as the new Chairperson of Cardano Foundation’s Board in June 2021. 

Now, Jillian, along with Mary Beth and Andreas, plus a further member joining the council soon, will help initiate a new era for the Cardano Foundation’s strategic oversight and growth unveiled in July 2021. The refreshed Council aims to support and guide the Foundation.

Mary Beth Buchanan is a seasoned legal professional with a notable history in government, private practice and the digital asset industry, currently serving as President, Americas and Global Chief Legal Officer at Merkle Science.

​​Andreas Eschbach is a proven expert in technology, enterprise and compliance risk audits. He has worked at PwC for 22 years, where he advised clients around the world and conducted countless audits. He made his entry into blockchain and smart contract audits in a first project together with regulators in 2016.

Jillian MacNab, Chairperson of the Cardano Foundation: 

“I am very grateful that the Council designed and implemented such meaningful steps in enabling the Foundation to initiate its next development phase. They have laid the groundwork for the Foundation's governance. With the recruitment of such worthy successors we hope to live up to the expectations set in us. I am excited to welcome Mary Beth and Andreas to the Council and look forward to working with them. Their unparalleled experience across geographies, industries and strategic roles will be highly instrumental as we continue to advance our mission and prepare for the roll-out of smart contracts. I am humbled by their commitment to this project and cannot wait to start building on the legacy we have been given. Also, I am very optimistic that we can confirm the appointment of a fourth Council member within the next couple of weeks. The Council aims to enlarge itself soon to a total of five members with a possible further enlargement to seven members in the future.”

Mary Beth Buchanan, new Member of the Board of the Cardano Foundation:

“I am delighted to join the Cardano Foundation and actively participate in furthering its mission during this crucial inflection point. Cardano has sustained its reputation as one of the most exciting and promising projects in the blockchain space. I look forward to continuing the work with regulators across the globe and to help set legislative standards so that we may ensure the healthy growth of the industry.”

Andreas Eschbach, new Member of the Board of the Cardano Foundation:

“I am very excited about my new role at the Cardano Foundation. While many projects within the industry move at breakneck speed, Cardano has been meticulous in the development of its technology, with the Foundation serving as its guide and supervisor. As a member of the in-coming Council, my goal is to support and encourage the adoption of the Cardano blockchain in a trusted maner and to further enable the trust in society to build on the enormously strong Cardano framework. I see it as our duty to ensure the Cardano Blockchain and its ecosystem will support millions of people in their daily lives.”

The outgoing Council extends a warm welcome to Mary Beth and Andreas, two highly accomplished professionals with a wealth of multi-industry experience that transcends geographical boundaries. They are confident that the new board is fully prepared for its task and look forward to following the further development of the Cardano Foundation as members of the Cardano Community.