State of the Cardano Developer Ecosystem: 2023 Edition

28 September 2023 • News & Updates
Matthias Benkort
Technical Director of Open Source Development

Assessing the current technical landscape to identify potential gaps and support the advancement of the developer community

The constant effort and the dedication of the Cardano developer community, along with their knowledge-sharing nature, have proven instrumental to a thriving ecosystem. Equipping them with the best tools and information ensures they have the necessary means to continue problem-solving and building solutions. Ultimately, it helps maintain a strong, secure blockchain that simultaneously fosters and rewards innovation as well as collaboration. As such, the Cardano Foundation is pleased to today launch the second edition of the Annual State of the Cardano Developer Ecosystem.

This survey provides a way of assessing the current technical landscape while also identifying potential gaps. In addition to a more in-depth overview of the technical Cardano ecosystem, the survey should likewise allow the Foundation, along with anyone building tools within the ecosystem, to better understand the composition of the developer community and what tools they prefer to use. Crucially, the Foundation wishes to understand where the developer community sees opportunity and where they experience pain points while using the current Cardano programming stack.

This second edition of the Cardano Developer Ecosystem survey follows a successful introduction last year. The report for the 2023 edition, along with an interpretation of the results, will again be open source so that the community can fully access the information and perform further analysis. The full rationale of the survey itself follows the Foundation’s commitment to driving the open source maturity of the Cardano ecosystem.

The Cardano Foundation sees the advancement of open source technologies, done in collaboration with the community and various enterprise players, as a vital step towards a sustainable and robust Cardano ecosystem. On the enterprise side, an open source approach facilitates the creation of technologies that accommodate specific needs and adequately update to incorporate new possibilities. At the same time, for the community it ensures an egalitarian, innovative space that allows all developers to build upon and improve vital tools for the future of the network.

As part of this focus on open source, the Foundation plans to soon release more open source repositories. This annual survey will also ensure we can continue that important work. In fact, it might happen that the relevance of such new open source repositories will appear in the survey results of forthcoming years.

The 2023 survey will run for two weeks and should take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.