Cardano Foundation Announces Education Partnership with Petrobras

20 December 2023 • News & Updates
Renagh Mooney
Global Communications Director

Cardano Foundation will lead blockchain education workshops for Petrobras employees

Zug, Switzerland - 20 December 2023 - The Cardano Foundation has today announced that its blockchain education programme will be made available to Petrobras for the first time as it looks to further expand understanding and adoption of blockchain technologies.

In partnership with Petrobras, Brazil’s state-owned energy company, the Cardano Foundation will lead blockchain education workshops for Petrobras employees, with Cardano Academy content delivered via the Petrobras University. Participants will discuss blockchain’s potential, learn about the diverse use cases and applications of blockchain, and complete interactive quizzes on related topics. As part of the programme’s launch, the Cardano Foundation conducted two workshops in the Metaverse, one of which delved into regulatory matters on a global scale as well as in the Brazilian context.

The Cardano Academy is a comprehensive blockchain education programme, developed by the Cardano Foundation, providing a reliable resource for those interested in learning more about blockchain’s potential. 

Academy content will be tailored by Petrobras for use in its employee training programmes, which is accessible to Petrobras’s more than 40,000 employees; the employees will also receive a certificate of their blockchain training upon completion of the course.

The first 500 Petrobras participants of the Cardano Academy will also receive an NFT which will be minted for the  500 participants, in partnership with the Petrobras Education Board. The NFT will evolve with the participants’ progress in the training to track and highlight their achievements. 

The Cardano Foundation expects its partnership with Petrobras will mark the first of many new initiatives to enhance understanding of blockchain through employee education and, ultimately, drive exploration of new use cases for the technology in the energy sector.

Commenting on the partnership, Cardano Foundation CEO Frederik Gregaard said: “Empowerment through education is a central part of our mission at the Cardano Foundation. That goal includes working across all stakeholders in society to achieve blockchain literacy, from individuals to enterprise. Our partnership with Petrobras—a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest public companies in the world—highlights both the appetite from enterprise for blockchain education as well as the growing reach of the Cardano Foundation and its mission. We are excited to partner with Petrobras and look forward to working with them, both to educate and to explore new use cases for blockchain technology.” 

Petrobras stated: “This bold new partnership with the Cardano Foundation represents an important step forward in our mission to harness the power of blockchain for new use cases within the energy sector. Education will play a key role in this and is therefore at the core of this innovative new partnership.”