About us

We are an independent standards body that oversees and supervises the advancement of Cardano — a decentralized public blockchain. The Cardano Foundation’s core focus is to accelerate the adoption of Cardano and empower integration and execution, enabling fast-track value creation for inclusive and equitable growth — for both the few and the many. As the legal custodian of the protocol and the guardian of the Cardano brand, the Foundation works to drive viable use cases and partnerships, grow the wider blockchain community, shape legislation and commercial standards, and ensure stakeholder accountability. We are a caretaker of the Cardano ecosystem and supporters of its community. To fulfill these crucial roles to the highest standards — and ensure we remain decentralized, autonomous and objective — we have our own governing Council and diverse, global team.

Meet our team

The Cardano Foundation is striving towards a blockchain-enabled better future based on inclusiveness and transparency. Our ambition is to build a blockchain-complete era’s global financial and social operating system. We can only achieve our goal with the best talent. Meet our team.

Foundation Council

Nathan Kaiser


Manmeet Singh

Vice Chairperson

Domino Burki

Council Member

Tamara Haasen

Council Member

Nicolás Arqueros

Council Member


Frederik Gregaard

Chief Executive Officer

Eva Oberholzer

Chief Growth Officer

Hinrich Pfeifer

General Secretary

Gianna Abegg

Legal and Operations Officer

Juliette Adelfang

Human Resources and Finance Manager

Amanda Rasch

Office Manager & Coordinator

Kerstin Lin

Administrative Assistant of Asia Operations

Josianne Seydoux

Management Support & Events Coordinator

Steve Wagendorp

Head of Technical Operations

Frederic Johnson

Technical Project Manager

Jeremy Firster

Project Manager

Mel McCann

Platform Integration Engineer

John MacPherson

Exchange Relationships Manager

PR and Communications

Bakyt Azimkanov

Global PR & Communications Director

Ye Ji Kim

Senior Manager of PR & Communications

Elliot Hill


Nazim Faour

Technical Writer


Maryam Mahjoub

Marketing Manager

Victor Alagbe


Marlene Velasco

Graphic Designer & Social Media Specialist

Community Management

Tiago Serôdio

Community Project Manager

Tommy Kammerer

Content Creator & Community Manager

Ryan He

Community Manager

Andy Hendrikx

Community Manager

Niels Schoof

Community Manager