About us

The Cardano Foundation is an independent, Swiss-based not-for-profit organization. We are tasked with advancing the public digital infrastructure Cardano and work to anchor it as a utility for financial and social systems, thus empowering the digital architects of the future.

The Foundation facilitates the worldwide advancement of Cardano in enterprise applications. We develop infrastructure tooling—including where there may not be an immediate commercial use case—plus strengthen operational resilience, and drive diversity of on-infrastructure use cases as well as the development of sound and representative governance.

Another significant part of our mission is to engage with and support the Cardano community. The Foundation assists the development of tools the community can use to leverage Cardano to solve problems in new ways.

Meet Our Team

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Board Members

Jillian MacNab


Mary Beth Buchanan

Board Member

Andreas Eschbach

Board Member

Fernando Luis Vazquez Cao

Board Member


Frederik Gregaard

Chief Executive Officer

Andreas Pletscher

Chief Operating Officer

David Jornod

Chief Financial Officer

Nicolas Jacquemart

Chief Legal Officer

CEO Office

Amanda Rasch

Director of CEO Office

Anniina Eichenberger

Internal Operations Coordinator

Cherylle Schwizer

Executive Assistant & Office Manager


Cleopatra Martins

Financial Accountant

Rita Mistry-Spada

Global Finance Director

Fllajder Disha


Tatiana Perju



John Wright

Senior Legal Counsel

Rafael Fraga

Associate Legal Counsel

Simone Schürch

Senior Legal Counsel

Benjamin Bürgi

Regulatory Development Officer


David Taylor

Chief Marketing Officer

Renagh Mooney

Global Communications Director

Inês Botelho

Content Marketing Manager

Kristin Kuhn

Growth Marketing Manager

Pravin Narsing

Art Director / Designer

Elis Moormaa

Events Marketing Manager

Umar Jan

Stakeholder Marketing Manager: Ambassadors

Jennifer Antao

Project Management Office Lead

Sam Grant

Project Manager

Tamara Meyer

Head of Human Resources

Adrià Juanola Alpiste

DevOps Engineer

Rupen Vara

Financial Services Marketing Manager

M. Àngels Jover Casasnovas

Senior Project Manager

Adriana Saramet

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Behnaz Ghalavand

HR Generalist

Carina Zambelli

Payroll Manager & People Operations Coordinator

Ayan Mohamud

People and Culture Partner

Alexander Moser

Associate Head of Infrastructure

Anthony Meyer

Project Manager

Cristian Lucera

Senior IT Operations Specialist

Manuel Schmidt

DevOps Engineer

Erica Mills

Communications Manager


Jeremy Firster

Global Director of Enterprise Partnerships

David Perry

Senior Relationship Manager Financial Institutions

Sandro Knöpfel

Head of Financial and Regulated Institutions

Pierre Kaklamanos

Partnerships Manager

Rizwan Pabani

Partnerships Manager

Alex Maaza

Outreach Development Officer

Sacha Windisch

Senior Relationship Manager - Financial Institutions

Engineering & Development

Lucas Rosa

Senior Software Engineer

Mel McCann

Vice President of Engineering

Jide Fashola

Head of Technical Integrations

Matthias Benkort

Technical Director of Open Source Development

Fabian Bormann

Team Lead Ecosystem Architecture and Engineering (EAE)

Jorge Navarro Bendicho

Junior Java Developer

Kartik Iyer

Integration Engineer

Marco Russo

Integrations Tools Team Lead

Michiel Bellen

Integrations Core Team Lead

Onur Görkem Özcan

Senior Blockchain Product Owner

Sebastian Bode

Director of Engineering

Thomas A. Mayfield

Team Lead Decentralized Trust and Identity Solutions (DTIS)

Roberto C. Morano

DevOps Engineer

Darlisa Giusti Consoni

Partnership Integration Engineer

Jaime Caso Onzain

Frontend Developer

Satya Muntha

UI Tech Lead

Fergal O’Connor

Senior Full Stack Developer

Vladislav Kudrin

Integration Engineer

Robert Salaman

UI/UX Designer

Satya Ranjan

Senior Enterprise Architect

Salvatore Di Salvo

Frontend Developer

David Clark

Technical Product Owner

Dimitris Alexandros Poulopoulos

Adrestia Delivery Lead

Giovanni Gargiulo

Senior Enterprise Architect

Vanessa Hurhangee

Education Manager, Cardano Academy

Paolo Veronelli

Software engineer

Johannes Lund

Software Engineer

Yuriy Lazaryev

Senior Software Engineer

Pawel Jakubas

Software Engineer

John Greene

Technical Blockchain Educator

Jonathan Knowles

Software Engineer

Lincon Onório Vidal

Blockchain Support Engineer

Manvir Schneider

Research Scientist

Nadia Mannell

Director of Cardano Academy

Tien Nguyen Anh

Blockchain Support Engineer

Kasey White

Open Source Senior Software Engineeer


Tommy Kammerer

Community Team Director

Andrew Charalambous

Community Manager - Japan

Denicio Mac Kenzie Bute

Community Manager - Netherlands

Georg Wellschmied

Community Manager - Germany

Markus Gufler

Technical Community Lead

Fillips Ickevics

Web Developer

Nicolas Cerny

Community Manager - Austria