June 21, 2019

Cardano Foundation strengthens its community team with three new managers – Andy Hendrikx, Ben O’Hanlon and Niels Schoof

Ye Ji Kim

Senior PR and Communications Manager

Cardano Foundation

  • Andy Hendrikx, Ben O’Hanlon and Niels Schoof joined the Foundation as community managers to expand Cardano community

The Cardano Foundation – in line with its expansion plans – has strengthened its community management team by appointing Andy Hendrikx, Ben O’Hanlon and Niels Schoof as new community managers based in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Japan, respectively.

The new appointments – effective immediately – will broaden communication channels for the Cardano community and better serve the ever-expanding community worldwide. They will oversee the implementation of the community strategy to support, grow and help educate the Cardano community.

Working in close collaboration with our strategic partners, IOHK and EMURGO, they will promote Cardano and engage in various community initiatives worldwide.

Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson of the Cardano Foundation, says:

“Our Cardano community consists of people from all over the world, who have come together to grow and safeguard the spirit and the future of Cardano. It is the backbone of the Cardano ecosystem and keeping it safe is one of the Foundation’s missions. With their expertise in community management, I am confident that Andy, Ben and Niels will help the Cardano Foundation to strengthen the community and boost the Cardano ecosystem.”

Andy Hendrikx, native of the Netherlands, taught information technology to youth and adults before joining the Cardano Foundation. A former community ambassador with a strong track record of moderation and education, Andy is a trained IT specialist and electrician. Besides his native Dutch, he speaks Flemish and English.

Ben O’Hanlon, a native of the United Kingdom, led social media and community management at the Komodo Platform, where he built online communities in the blockchain industry serving its developers. With his professional background in market research, FinTech, social media and events, Ben’s primary task is to develop community strategies. While with the Royal Bank of Scotland, he launched the B2B Bizcrowd community that grew to more than 35,000 members, and also built smaller market research communities. He studied Philosophy, English Literature, Theater Studies, Law and Digital Design.

Niels Schoof, a native of the Netherlands, worked in the health care sector before joining the Cardano Foundation. He specialized in X-ray imaging, medical machinery and patient care. A certified radiation specialist and a radio diagnostician by training, former ambassador with almost a decade of linguistics experience, Niels is based in Japan. In addition to his native Dutch, he speaks Japanese and English.

Community Managers
Community Managers

About the Cardano Foundation:
The Cardano Foundation is an independent body based in Zug, Switzerland, with core responsibilities to help oversee and supervise the development of Cardano, the world’s first third-generation blockchain, and its ecosystem. The Foundation is committed to protecting and promoting Cardano, the first blockchain platform developed for smart contracts using a scientific philosophy, and to advocate on behalf of the users and community of the protocol. The Foundation works alongside Input Output HK (IOHK), who are contracted to design and build Cardano, and EMURGO, the for-profit arm working to boost the Cardano ecosystem through commercial ventures. The three entities are wholly separate in governance, ownership and leadership. Find out more: www.cardanofoundation.org

Artwork: Helena Lopes